Our creators started out life in the jewellery industry. Working for a leading jewellery retailer who not only sold high end jewellery and watches, they also repaired them in-house, made them in-house and even designed them in-house. They were an all encompassing company, giving its employees the luxury of learning almost every possible area of the jewellery trade. What ever they didn’t do in-house, they worked closely with suppliers to do the rest.

After many years’ experience and learning of the trade, what was easy to see was that traditional jewellers and extremely busy tradesmen simply don’t have the time to publicise their company. Nor do they have the expertise to do it in the best way. Sure, we’ve all heard of Yellow Pages, but this isn’t 1990 any more.

After much research and digging around to try and figure out how we could help the jewellery industry connect with one another, we started looking at a modern version of Yellow Pages. In addition to hoping we could link up like-minding companies and retailers looking for reputable professional jewellers/jobbers, we wanted the public to be able to do exactly the same.

The solution was simple – A dedicated jewellers directory listing service. From conception of the idea, the final product (the site you’re on right now) took over a year to complete, and we’re still working hard to improve it further now. To this day, there isn’t a single similar website around dedicating listings to the jewellery industry.

We pride ourselves in being completely unique and offering real value back to the jewellery community. It’s our passion for the industry and a lack of this type of service that has led us to where we are now.

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